SEO Optimization
10 March, 2023
30 March 2023
$1000 USD


Legacy Coaching Tribe, a burgeoning coaching and personal development company, aimed to increase its online visibility and attract more clients through organic search. They approached Revival Media Agency to enhance their website’s SEO.


The primary challenges were improving the website’s ranking on search engines, increasing organic traffic, and enhancing user engagement. The site needed to be optimized for relevant keywords, improve its loading speed, and offer valuable content to visitors.


  1. SEO Audit and Strategy Development:

    • Conducted a thorough SEO audit of the Legacy Coaching Tribe’s website.
    • Identified key areas for improvement, including on-page SEO, content strategy, and technical SEO.
  2. Keyword Research and Optimization:

    • Performed comprehensive keyword research to identify high-impact keywords relevant to Legacy Coaching Tribe’s services.
    • Optimized website content and meta tags for selected keywords.
  3. Content Enhancement:

    • Developed a content strategy that focused on creating high-quality, SEO-friendly articles and blog posts.
    • Emphasized topics that resonate with Legacy Coaching Tribe’s target audience.
  4. Technical SEO Improvements:

    • Enhanced the website’s mobile responsiveness and user experience.
    • Improved website loading speed and implemented best practices for technical SEO.
  5. Link Building and Online Presence:

    • Initiated a link-building campaign to increase domain authority.
    • Improved local SEO by optimizing Google My Business and local listings.


Conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing website to identify SEO weaknesses and opportunities.
Developed a keyword strategy focused on high-impact, relevant terms to boost search visibility.
Revitalized existing content and created new, SEO-friendly articles and blog posts targeted at the client's audience.



  • Increased Organic Traffic: The website saw a 60% increase in organic traffic within six months.
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings: Significant improvements in rankings for targeted keywords, with multiple keywords appearing on the first page of search results.
  • Improved User Engagement: Enhanced user experience led to a lower bounce rate and higher session duration.

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